Quote for the Day

Internalizing only leads to bottled up feelings that you’ll never be rid of.
Its kind of like leaving marinara sauce in Tupperware, sure you can wash it till it’s clean,
but there’s always that ugly ring left behind.
You don’t want to carry around an ugly ring of marinara do you? Do you?!?



Star Wars Fix of the Day

As my Christmas present, this jersey could be.
Most grateful, yes.


Thursday is not Friday

While spending my recent days exploring new worlds, devouring the early seasons of Friends, watching new-to-me movies and rooting for my favorite football teams, I learn that life is a compilation of the little moments that matter. From learning that others think like I do, to finding new daily quotes, this life of mine is a series of fortunate events. Stepping stones, mountains, boulders and gravel are scattered across my path, obstacles and learning tools. Building new bridges and closing old ones. Scattering my seed to the wind, with the best of hopes. Even as the rain clouds bear down and the sun is hidden, I see the beauty all around me and hold my breath for the new adventures to come.


Comic of the day

People watching should be an organized sport.


Comic of the Day

Quote for the Day

Bad politians are sent to Washington
by good people who don't vote.
-William E. Simon