The Cry of the Meadowlark or Nightingale

Heavenletter # 2812 Published on: August 6, 2008

Whatever another does, no matter how it may seem to impact you, it is their privilege to do as they see to do. You may feel that someone has let you down. Beloveds, when you feel that way, you have let yourself down. Did you take on what someone else chooses to do as though it were your own responsibility? Did you make a portion of your life dependent upon what someone else chooses when all of your life is dependent upon you? Better to not make or allow anyone else to be the sayer of how you react in your life or any portion of it.

People like to accommodate you, yet they are not going to make their choices dependent upon what you want and feel is right, even when they may have said they would follow through. Brides and grooms have been left at the altar. You have been left waiting on the street corner by someone who did not show up, even when you were the one ready to do a favor. People are going to follow their own stars and also even their own whims.

Here is an opportunity for you to gain this famous equanimity you have so wanted, beloveds — to be at that place where you are not so bolstered or so desolate by what others choose to do or not to do at any given moment. Wholeheartedly accept the upliftment others may give you but never be deflated by what they do not give or change their minds about. Otherwise, you are a bouncing ball in someone else's hand. Beloveds, it is for you to make your own way in the world independent of what others choose to do. It is their right. Be your own star that shines and leads you to your destination.

When you ride a train, and the train should happen to break down, that is not the end of your travels. It is not a tragedy. So when a friend does not show up at an appointed time, it may be an inconvenience for you, yet it is not a tragedy. It is not really even an offense, even though you are sure it is.

Be glad to be with someone, and do not mind so when the person is no longer there. He heard his own distant cry of the meadowlark or nightingale, and he went his own way irrespective of you. He may respect you very much and yet not feel beholden to you or what he may have previously said or promised. He may have meant it. Once it was true for him, but now it is not. He cannot go back to the past, nor are you to make him. All contracts are dissolved. There are those who may resolve former contracts with what you call honor and some who will resolve without. Some do not even remember what the agreement was. In any case, the only agreement that matters is the one on your plate right now.

Do you see what I am asking you to do? I am asking you to not be dismayed by others' choices. Right or wrong, they are right to make their own choices however you may feel about them. You are not to lead your life according to others' views and desires, nor are they to live their lives according to your views and desires. Even when you are right by everything you know, it is still their right to choose. Do you see how, when you free others from bounds, you free yourself? Beloveds, no matter how seemingly innocent, bounds are a form of tyranny. You are not meant to be a tyrant. You are meant to be a pharaoh who lets his people go.


Quote for the Day

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(1749 - 1832)


Visual Poetry

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16 Random Things

I was tagged to do a list of 16 random things about me. I don't blog on my Facebook, so here it is.
  1. I put too much sugar in my cranberry apple tea this morning. More like warm Kool-Aid now.
  2. I want to see how far my new car will go with the gas light on. Old car, 58 miles was as far as I pushed it.
  3. If I get laid-off from this job, I will leave the financial industry completely. And never look back!
  4. 41 assorted objects displayed around my cuffice could easily be construed as "toys".
  5. This weekend I put up 7 new pictures/wall hangings. My home feels much more homey now.
  6. I started the new year with someone who is good for me.
  7. Public Relations sounds intriguing to me.
  8. Goal for 2009, pay off 2 credit cards!!
  9. I am trying to be more thoughtful of others. It's a work in progress.
  10. When I go out to sushi with friends, I am astonished that I'm the most daring one.
  11. I love Pesto!
  12. I worry I'll never have kids. If I cannot stay home with them, I will not have them.
  13. I want to go on a bus and walking tour of Washington D.C. so I don't have to worry about being arrested.
  14. Need to decide if I'm going to go to school on not. Then figure out how.
  15. Even though both my teams lost in embarrassing displays of Pop-Warner football skills, I'm still a fan!
  16. I have a hard time sitting down at home, I'm always on the move.

Tag, You're It! Sarah, Britt, Wanda Jo, Shell, Mom, Andi, Villa, Anyone else who's bored.



The Sheet Set Cult Mystery

In my quest for the perfect fitted sheet and pillowcases, I encountered a startling mystery. You cannot purchase a lone fitted sheet! Why, you ask? Because the fitted sheet makers of the world have decided in their world domineering committee's, that a person has no reason to buy a lone fitted sheet. Hence, we a forced to purchase an entire sheet set including: 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases.

To many this is not a problem at all, as they use the entire set. I am not one of these sheep, following the Sheet Set Cult blindly. I do not use the flat sheet. It has no purpose in my life. I have very nice, ultrasoft sable-like blankets against my skin when I cuddle into bed. Not a cold flat sheet. Why would I want cold sheet on both sides of me? I already have cold fitted sheet on the mattress side, I should not be forced to have cold flat sheet on the other side as well. This is a free country! If I choose to sleep with ultrasoft blanket, or sheepskin or burlap against my skin, that is my choice dagnabbit!!

Yet the Sheet Set Cult demands that I purchase their flat sheet. Why would I buy something I have no use for? I am a very thrifty person and choose not to spend my money on things that are useless to me. Why, oh, why can I not buy a lone fitted sheet?

Where did this Sheet Set conspiracy come from? Cotton farmers to drive up demand? Textile companies to increase production? Retailers to grow their bottom-line? It's a global conspiracy, I tell you! Well, I for one will not be duped by the Sheet Set Cult. I will not pay for a flat sheet that will sit folded and unused on my shelf, gathering dust and using up valuable space. I will not! I will Not! I will NOT!

If anyone knows how to obtain a new single fitted sheet, please share this revelation with me. In the meantime, I will be continuing my search for the perfect lone fitted sheet. Hi-ho Silver! Away!