A Place to Call Home

In the search for a house, what I'm really looking for is a place to call home. Having moved more times that I can count, I am not reveling in the thought of boxing up my belongings again. Yet, I am ashiver with anticipation at the possibilities that lay in front of me. A yard to tend, pictures to hang, walls to paint and real garage to park my car in. Frivolities of life that I covet.

Apartment dwelling does have it's positives. Need a new garbage disposal? Call the office and they install a new one that day, easy-peasy! Drunk neighbors laughing like banshee's under my window at 3 am on a Tuesday, not a perk. One mile commute to work, definitely on the plus side of my list. I will miss the ease of location and maintenance, but will love owning my own piece of the American Dream.


Quote for the Day

The sound of silence
Can be melodic
Or deafening