Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner.

Sometimes I use baby oil instead of lotion.

Sometimes I stay at work until 10 o'clock because it's better than going home.

Sometimes I wonder if other people are thinking about me too.

Sometimes I hope for the best, and wish I could prepare for the worst. I'm not so good at that last part.

Sometimes I crave Ramen noodles.

Sometimes I miss people so bad it hurts.

Sometimes I wish my cat would just find a place to sit and stay there.

Sometimes I wonder what I will do with all the toys in my cube.

Sometimes I wish I was a full time student on a full-ride scholarship, and could just learn for a living.

Sometimes I think I deserve better. Sometimes not.


Quote for the Day

Your life is an occassion.
Rise to it.
-Mr. Magorium's
Wonder Emporium

PostSecret, I Love You

Oh Liberals, who will you blame now?
Perhaps you'll finally have to be responsible for your own actions.
Not likely, but I can dream.


As Days Go By

It's been a little while since I've updated my faithful reader as to my happenings. So here's the rundown:

Started a new Art class. Basic Acrylics, going shopping for my supplies tonite.

Andi had a great birthday party. It was nice to see her so happy and surrounded by friends.

Three months and still going well.

Trying to decide if I should send Valentines flowers...

I love having a clean house!

The purging continues. Where did I get so much stuff?

Learning to ask for what I want, it's slow and steady.

Plans this month: Hinder at Amos' South End!!

Work is going really well. Busy busy busy.

Have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I go to sleep way too late!

Went to the circus! It's still fun, even for grown-up kids!

Ladies 8-Ball team is in 1st Place! If we continue to win, we're going to Vegas Baby!

If I get laid off, I'm going in the Air Force.

Goals for 2009: Pay off two credit cards

Need to wash the salt and dirt off my car.

No girls, I don't wear lipstick and I'm not concerned about that at all.
Need to get my haircut.