Sick at Work

The negative fiscal impact of employees who go to work sick has been proven numerous times. Unhealthy employees are less productive and share their germs thus creating more unhealthy employees perpetuating the cycle. I understand this cycle of contamination, and yet...I am at work. Sick. Why, you may ask? Because I have work to do. Advisors to transition, e-mails to respond to, voicemails to call back, papers to push. Information to transmit, docs to fax, questions to answer, a seat to fill, a paycheck to earn, PTO days to not use.

Warm clouds of satin sheets
Gentle sunshine and songbirds singing lullabyes
Fresh air scented with vanilla
Breezing across my bare skin
Feathers under my head
Angels kiss my eyes closed
Floating on rivers of pink foam
Dreaming of flowers and cotton candy

Scripture of the Day

I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive,
but of you it is required to forgive all men.
-D&C 64:10

Quote of the Day

Life appears to me
to be too short
to be spent in
nursing animosity
or registering wrong
-Charlotte Bronte


Quote for the Day

It's not where you came from;
It's where you're going that matters.
-Ella Fitzgerald


What I Learned in Charlotte

I learned that Charlotte is absolutely beautiful.

I learned that not all Harley biker gangs are white guys.

I learned that doing situps while balancing on a ball works your abs better ( I watched an infomercial because it's 3 hours later here and I can't sleep. Right now it is 1:42am)

I learned that Gladys Knight has an amazing testimony and is an awe-inspiring choir director. Yes I saw Gladys Knight sing with her choir, Saints Unified Voices, and heard her testimony. She truly is an inspiration.

I learned that Daymon will not have a problem getting hooked up as a finish carpenter here.

I learned the streets and main thoroughfares and feel somewhat comfortable that I won't be completely lost.

I learned that BBQ is a noun, not a verb and it is pork.

I learned there is at least one decent Mexican food place here, Phat Burrito, and it is not cooked by Mexicans. And they put white rice in the burrito's which is kinda wierd.

I learned that even though there is a HUGE lake, you can not actually get to it at night. At least not Sunday night. At midnight. Bummer, because I can't sleep.

I learned that they still have Drive-In's here, where they bring your food out to your car and everything. And the onion rings are mouth-watering good!

They really do say Ya'll.

Drug stores do not have trial size sections.

The creeks really are creeks. With water and everything!

The "mature" neighborhoods are like parks, with full grown trees that cover the streets and squirrels running across the road.

There is no stucco in sight.

Nor any red-tile roofs.

I learned that our $3000 a month mortgage payment would buy us a freaking MANSION out here.

I learned that I will miss this place, but I'm looking forward to making it permanent!!


Holy Smokes!

My profile has been viewed 88 times?!?!
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My Shoe Fetish Continues...

My husband is fully enabling my shoe fetish.
Here's the TWO pairs he bought me this weekend.

Bora Bora Chapter 4

Bora Bora
Chapter 4
Jade sat across from Connor at the table, staring into those deep, dark eyes. She compared him to his brother. They were both tall, Connor had maybe an inch on Steve. Similar build, though Connor's shoulders were much broader and arms more defined. The similarities ended there. Steve was a blond-haired, blue-eyed surfer boy while Connor had dusky skin, dark hair and strong features.

"You're brothers? You don't look like brothers." Jade commented matter of factly.

Steve laughed and punched Connor lightly on the shoulder, "What are you talking about? We're twins, can't you tell?"

"Yeah, but I kicked him out of the womb before he was done cooking. Needed more leg room. That's why he's such a white boy" Connor joked, kicking Steve under the table.

They sure acted like brothers. Colleen rolled her eyes and explained, "They were both adopted by the same family when they were babies. They're only 2 months apart."

"I'm the older, more mature, big brother." Steve said as he threw a cocktail shrimp at his "little" brother.

Connor looked straight at Jade and said frankly, "I'm taller."

"I can see there is no competition whatsoever between the two of you. That's so sweet." Jade drawled sarcastically.

The familiarity and ease she felt at that table was enveloping. She had always been close to her sister, though they did have their teenage moments. And here they were, sitting at a table in paradise with the two most handsome men on the island, laughing and joking like they've all been together forever. Everything about that moment felt so right. It scared her. She had felt that fast comfort before and it had not bode well in the past. For some reason, despite the peaceful locale and easy conversation, she was on her guard. He was devastatingly handsome, lethally sexy and she could tell from his quick banter with his brother, that his tongue could be sharp. That combination is dangerous, she knew too well. Much more research, she decided and sat back to observe him.

He knew she was watching him. Her eyes inspecting him, her mind calculating the...possibilities?

No!, he thought savagely to himself and looked down to refold his napkin. This woman is going to be in my life for a long time. She is not a fling. She is not a one-night stand. She is not an option. She is off-limits. God, she's gorgeous.

He thought back to the moment he took her hand in the plane. She was so terrified, so helpless, so vulnerable. It was intoxicating. He wanted to save her, to protect her and fight for her. When his hand touched her's, he felt her emotions pass through his skin, and into his soul. She was already inside him, under his skin, in his breath. In his heart? No! he yelled at himself. Dammit, you idiot Connor, shut the hell up and get her out of your head!

He forced his attention back to the table and the approaching waiter.

"One more please." He asked, motioning with his empty glass. He sure as hell needed it.

“We will have to go snorkeling and there is this amazing private little beach on the other side of the island that we can reserve for the whole day.” Colleen began telling them all about the activities that were planned for the next week.

“We can go scuba diving and they give windsurfing lessons too. It’s so amazing here. Jade, you’re going to love it!” She said excitedly.

“I already do love it.” Jade answered. Why was she so careful to avoid his eyes when she said that?

Steve brought his own opinions into to conversation, “Honey, maybe they want to relax tomorrow and unwind. We have a whole week here together, we’ll do everything we want to do.” He winked at Colleen across the table.

“I saw paragliding in a brochure. Do they have that here?” Connor asked. “You would have to be pretty brave to do something like that.”

His easy smile was such a challenge to her. OK, she thought. She had lost her cool on the plane. Ok, he had come to her rescue. Ok, she wasn’t so brave when it came to planes and landings and everything involved, but she wasn’t a wimp.

Game on! she thought as she stared him down.

“Maybe we could hunt some sharks and wrestle an octopus while we’re at.” She raised her eyebrows to him.

“Sounds like my kind of fun.” He said, licking his lips.

“The closest I’m getting to a shark will be on my plate.” Colleen stated as she picked up her menu. Steve studied his menu and noted “Hey, they do have shark.”

With perfect timing, the concierge arrived. “Miss Jade, Mr. Connor. Your luggage has been placed in your cottages. When you are ready, I will be honored to have you escorted to your rooms where you will be shown the highlights of the suite. We are at your service. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Please enjoy your stay with us in paradise.” He bowed to both and turned on his heel.

“Miss Jade.” Connor said mockingly.

“Mr. Connor.” She followed, sitting up a bit taller.

They laughed and both blushed.

Whoa, Steve and Colleen thought as they looked at the two then back to each other. They studied their menus with renewed interest.

Connor leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms behind his head. His broad shoulders and chest stretched against the black silk button-down shirt. He took a deep breath and flexed his arms, yawning. She didn’t want to stare, but couldn’t rip her eyes away from him. From his arms, his chest, his shoulders. Her mind saw through the shirt and she gazed at his bare chest, hot from the sun. She saw her hands running over his pecs, and down his arms. She saw his arms, so strong and firm, wrapping around her tiny waist. His mouth on her throat, his hands in her hair.

Connor stretched out his legs under that table and accidentally rubbed his calf against hers. The feel of her warm, smooth skin against his sent shockwaves up his spine. He sat straight up in his chair, knocking the table with his knees.

“You alright there, little brother?” Steve asked, questioning the sudden movement.

“I’m fine.” Connor stated defiantly. “What are we all ordering?”

He didn’t mean to move so quickly, but feeling her skin against his was more than he could handle at that moment. He pulled his chair closer to the table and picked up his menu. He was a man, and she was a beautiful woman. He had a very male reaction and just needed to calm down and focus on something other than her. He needed to not think about her skin, her hair, the way she smelled, and the way she looked at him. The way she was looking at him right now.

Interesting, she thought, as she watched him be uncomfortable for the first time. The way he moved back so quickly, then pulled his chair up close to the table. Oh really?, she mused. She looked at him and smiled knowingly, biting her lip.

He read her mind. Don’t think you’re all that girl, he thought. He shook his head and ignored her, focusing on his menu. She took his head shake as dare. She loved a challenge. We’ll see, she thought and pulled up her menu, blocking him from view.

The waiter reappeared and they all made their selections. She ordered shark, just for spite. Steve raised his glass in a toast. “To new family, new friends and love that lasts forever.”


My How Things Change

Today I started out excited about the day ahead of me, then it crashed and I got stood up (hmph). Then I noticed that I got ignored (ggrrrr). Then I got a free lunch of bad pizza and had to bribe someone (with chocolate chip cookies) to get what I needed done actually done.

And then..........I got a call from the receptionist that I had a "Very Important Package" at the front desk. Guess what it is? FLOWERS!!!! From a group of reps that I brought over, thanking me for all the help I gave them and letting me know that they are doing very well. The flowers are gorgeous!

And then.........I got an e-mail saying that I won a raffle from the bad pizza lunch and to go pick out my prize!! I ran downstairs to Product Marketing and picked out a MINI DIGITAL CAMERA with changeable colored faceplate (I changed mine to pink).
These are my flowers taken with my new camera, not the best, but not bad for it only being 3 inches big!!

Today turned out to be a good day! Just goes to show you.


Where my focus needs to be:

Where it is:
None of the Above

Quote of the Day

Tears are like rain
to the soul.

They loosen up our soil

So we can grow
in different directions.
-Virginia Casey


Perfect Weekend

When Daymon called me at work and told me that I needed to reschedule my Friday night Sushi dinner with Shellee, I knew I was in for a sweet surprise. He made me buy a garment bag too. He picked out and packed my clothes for the whole weekend, even shoes and had them all packed up when I got home on Friday afternoon. I just had to get my makeup and girly stuff together. We drove to Downtown San Diego and pulled into the valet lane at the Marriot Marina overlooking San Diego Bay!

The room he reserved online wasn’t available so we got upgraded to the corner suite! Our room was on the 18th floor and we looked straight out onto the Bay with a 180 degree view. We could see Coronado Bridge to the south, North Island across the Bay all the way up to Point Loma. We could see the Midway and the city skyline to the east.

Friday night we got all dolled up and wondered around the Gaslamp, people watching and checking out restaurants and clubs. We ate at a great restaurant and watched the game. We took a bike cab back to the hotel and enjoyed ourselves on the balcony looking out at the Bay. The pool was heated so we took a dip and relaxed in the spa, then back to the room. Daymon ordered ice cream from room service and we enjoyed it in our room while we watched the city and bay.

Daymon would not tell me what our plans were on Saturday, but I woke up to room service breakfast and our fantastic view. We got dressed casual and were on our way (after stopping by the hotel gift shop to buy me a new belt so my pants wouldn’t fall down all day). We went to…….SEAWORLD!! I haven’t been to SeaWorld since 5th grade and I had mentioned many times that I would love to go, but never got around to it. He said that was going to change. No more, waiting to get around to things, we’re just going to do them now! Wahoo!

I was so excited to be at SeaWorld, I actually cried during Shamu’s show. I’m a sap, I know, but he loves me. We went to all the shows and watched the dolphin play time. I fed the anchovies to the bat rays. They feel so amazing, slippery and soft. I made the rays work for the little fish and they make the funniest sounds! We saw huge sharks and playful sea lions, the polar bears and beluga whales made me glad to be warm. The sea otters and dolphins played and flipped around, they put on a great show. SeaWorld is awesome and we had a great time!

Saturday night was Military Opening Night at the Petco Park and the Padres played the Rockies. Daymon got tickets through the hotel and we had amazing seats, Field Reserved on the first base line, right by the foul pole. The game was a nail biter. Rockies got ahead early on and we went 3 deep on our pitchers. We were tied 2-2 in the Ninth, and Gonzales doubled in the winning run taking the Padres to 3-2 and their first home win of the season! The game was followed by patriotic fireworks and Daymon and I stayed until the stadium was almost empty, enjoying our seats and watching the grounds crew. The actually vacuum the dirt off the grass to keep it perfect for the next game, crazy!

Daymon wanted a new hat so we shopped in the Western Metal Building gift shop. I got a new hat too, a cammie trucker hat! I love it. (I'm biting my lip in the pic) We wondered around the Gaslamp checking out all the celebrations and laughing at the drunks. We got a pizza and some sodas and took them back to our room. Dinner on the balcony, just enjoying the view and talking about everything. Sunday was Easter, so we made our way home.
Our friend Alicia came home from her Mission in Buenos Aries so we got to hear her talk all about it at church. We went to her family’s house, with homemade goodies by Daymon; a sinful 4 layer chocolate cake and cream cheese cinnamon rolls. In case you didn’t know it, my husband is a chef!! We spent the evening with friends who are our family and laughed and ate WAY too much. Back home and relaxing, my husband made sure we had an amazing weekend together. He loves me more than I know and I’m looking forward to the rest of our beautiful life together.


Today is a new day

Or: How I learned to ask for what I want

Being frustrated and sad is not fun. If you are unhappy in one place, you have a tendency to not stay in that place, but to find a place that is not so sad. I was in that sad place, but then someone gave me the courage to ask for what I want. And you know what? I GOT IT!! Times a thousand!!
Now I can have my cake and eat it too! Life is good today! And I was a good girl!