Quote for the Day

The best way to
predict your future
is to create it.


Just a Thought

There will always be more road than time.

For Love of the Game

Winning at pool is a nice little prize, all in itself. There are no ribbons or trophies, not yet at least. Just that sense of accomplishment. I was pondering how many hours, days, months of my life have been spent in a pool hall. That compilation of time would be considerable if it were actually tallied. I have thought, at times, that it is rather odd to have spent so much time in a pool hall. As I was rolling this thought around in my mind, I came across the quote on my daily calendar:
Normal is in the eye of the beholder.
-Whoopi Goldberg
It is normal for me to be in a pool hall. It's where I feel comfortable and connected to the people around me. We all have commonality. I have made some lifelong friends and met amazing people in pool halls. There are characters and couples, amateurs and wanna-be pro's, serious and silly, but we all enjoy the game.
The game is a gift to me. A talent. I can look at colored balls on green felt and know exactly what needs to be done to make those little round colors disappear. Some have talents for art, singing, business, cooking, computer graphics, shooting, driving, teaching, scrapbooking, parenting, running, speaking or a myriad of other talents and gifts. One of my gifts is the ability and desire to play pool. Not your normal, everyday run of the mill gift, but a gift nonetheless. What an honor. It truly is a blessing to know that God choose me to have this gift. In the billions of people that have lived and will live on the earth, only a comparatively small handful have this gift.
Hmm. It truly is in the way you look at it, now isn't it?

Quote for the Day

I generaly avoid temptation,
unless I can't resist it.
-Mae West


Soft Breezes

It's late. I'm awake. Pondering. Random thoughts as the fan dries out my eyes. Does it really matter where I bank? How big of a ticket would I get if I got pulled over with my year old expired out of state registration?

Why is there such trash on TV these days? I just watched Tila Tequila get her heart broken by a girl who decided she would rather be with a guy. And this is quality, family entertainment folks. Why was I watching this you ask? It was in front of me on the treadmill. I kept trying to walk away, faster and faster, but was going nowhere. Like so many other things in life, the harder you try, the more you stay in the same place.

What are we gonna do with the kitten? Anyone want a cute little red haired kitten?

Who do I want to be? Do I even know? How do I find out? I thought I knew once, but I turned out to be wrong. Quite the learning experience, I assure you.

I really do enjoy listening to Christian music, it makes me smile. It is not lukewarm at all, despite opinions to the contrary.

I can't wait to see my mom this weekend. It's been almost 3 years since I saw her last. She'll finally get to meet her son in law.

Meditation is a wonderful thing. Moments of blissful silence, when you stop thinking and just be.

Prayer is when you talk, mediation is when you listen.

When jokes go sour, you just apologize and move on. No harm intended.

I've learned that apologizing first makes things much easier. Things such as moving on.

The Giver is a wonderful book about the importance of our memories, our feelings, our humanity. The world is in vivid color, all around us. We should not waste our precious time with our eyes and minds closed to what we could experience if we only allowed ourselves to see. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, beauty exists even when no one sees it. That's what makes it beautiful. When we are lucky enough to witness true beauty, it is because we chose to see what was already there, waiting.


Comic of the Day

Don't worry if you don't get it.
It just means you're not a Star Wars nerd, like me.
But this is dang funny!


Quote for the Day

I am always doing
things I can't do,
that's how I get
to do them.
-Pablo Picasso