Here, more or less.

Trying to pretend that I did not wake up with a sore throat. That my eyes are not starting to feel pressure behind them. Pretend that the lead weight in my head is not turning into a bowling ball. I hope I'm not getting sick. :o(


Quote for the Day!

Friends are like really comfortable and terribly cute shoes.

Hard to come by, hard to pass up, and should be treasured,
treated well, and taken out on the town as often as possible!



Hubby always calls me a Helicopter. Is this what he means?



Layer of light
Breaks land from night
Sun's first rays
Not yet touch the sleeping
City lights
Quilt work patterns below

Whip cream clouds
Warm sun upon my face
Descending through layers
Dark then light
Farewell to the sun
Back to earth
And all that awaits

Again in the air
Again on the ground
Cities all look the same
Perspective on life
From His point of view
What will I find
Next time around?


Some words are beautiful to say, as long as you have no comprehension of their meaning. Melancholy is an elaborate word. Succumbing another. Overwhelming is one. Antagonist glides. Ennui slides. Despondency fits. As does spiralling. Others I think sound eloquent that I dare not type here for the protection of my precious readers sensitive eyes and worrisome consciouses.
With all the medical, neurological and pharmacological terms bantered about these days, how is one as uneducated as I to muddle through the cornfield maze of symptoms, diagnosis and treatments? Do I really trust an HMO paid 800 number Freud to do what they say they are supposed to do? What about these mountains of miraculous/adversarial mind candy marketed in such colorful packaging? Have you read the side effects of these things? Dear God, worse than what they are supposed to fix.
Is that really the solution at all? Is there one?

This does not apply to me. Maybe tomorrow.


Remarkably good picture of me. Why am I surprised that this picture turned out so good? What was I expecting? Hmm>>>>

Nothing of Much Importance Whatsoever

Movies we've recently seen:

Juno-Pretty good Indie flick. Laugh out loud funny in places, tug at your heart strings in other places, make you want to increase your vocabulary in others, realize that most folks are pretty real.

Cloverfield-About as real as they could make something completely ridiculously unreal. Shoulder camera gave me a headache. Actually cared about the characters. Where the heck did that thing come from and why didn't they use Smart bombs? We have J-Dams bunker busters that can break through 50 feet of earth and concrete and yet our Stealth was dropping WWII unguided bombs? Ever heard of guidance systems!?!

Enchanted- A musical that I thought was way cute. I would let kids see this. Maybe some girls Knight in Shining Whatever really is a single dad who lives like a bachelor and she really can make all of Central Park sing. Why the heck not?

National Treasure 2- Second verse, same as the first. But since I liked the first one, I'll give this on the thumbs up too.Did Helen Mirren really have a tattoo on her hand? Cool.

That's all for now folks.


Overheard in the Office

'If you can't get this done I'm gonna escalate it! I don't know to who, or how, but I'm gonna escalate it!"

-Snippy Wench


It snowed about 2-3 inches last night! So beautiful!
D and I ran outside at 3am and played in the snow. I built this tiny little snowman in my PJ's!

Back yard this morning. Rain is starting to melt the snow, but it's still there.

Front yard and my car. D is in my car, warming it up. What a nice guy!

Looking down our street! It's so crazy! I love snow!

Perfect Comic for Today


T-Shirt of the Day

Oh, to See the Error of My Ways

Click to make bigger

Do They Have Shoes Anonymous?


Flight cancelled. Still in Michigan. Back in the hotel. Today was better then yesterday. The past 3 days have been "interesting". Learned lots and realized how little I know. Humbling. Miss my bed.


Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Direct flight from Charlotte to San Diego. Crazy Eights in the air. Sherlock Holmes keeps me company. Carne asada straight from the airport. Marriott with no covers. 3 hours of sleep. $45 bucks for breakfast. Back to work. Rep crying and whining, catches fire. Trip to Michigan confirmed. Sushi, finally. Traffic and the carpool lane for the first time.
Mexican food dinner with old friends. Let in the door by the 4 year old. Magnet rocks. Trent's whole new world serenade. Every day a red-letter.
Early to the Newport Beach Temple. Glad to see my family again. Meagan all in white. Surprise! Reminders of the promises I made. Back to what matters most.
Pictures and fountains. Tuxes and satin. Flowers and flashes.
Back on the road. Colima's!!! Rolled tacos are my friend.
El Torito's for luncheon with the bridal party. Video of lives meshed.
Reception Reception Reception. So many familiar faces, comfortable places. Home.
Chocolate Costco cake.
Back to the fam's house with laughs and love.
Saturday is Shellee and sushi day. Tried 5 times to buy the Chinese dress, wasn't meant to be. Back to the Martin's to reminisce. Emily was here in the concrete. Hear all about the new baby. Shouldn't be gone so long in-between. Probably wouldn't recognize her if I saw her.
Walking on the beach, asking, listening, waiting. Eyes closed. My shoes are waterproof, cool. Dinner at Colima's, I love that place. Jen and Nathan (Jshizz n' Bubba) Old friends never change. And change so much. D and the boys meet to share in Mexican delight. Walk to the water and chat about life. Miss my friends.
Grocery store for cinnamon roll mixings. Smart words. Same meat dept guy, same checker. Some things never change. Quiet words.
Drop off groceries and the hubby. Can't wait to read Rusty Anchors and learn about her life. How did she overcome so much and still be so full of love? Great example to me.
Off to Diane's. Teen hair dying and computer hacking. Wal-Mart almost midnight. Mom down the street is not as cool as Di. Forgot my camera, dagnabbit!
Church is sweet peace. "Good Morning" brings tears to my eyes. Hearing my girls stand as God's witnesses. Reminders of why I changed.
Roast beast dinner on fancy china and crystal, with real silver-ware. Feels so grown up. Hugs and promises to return. Cinnamon Rolls back at the McA's, gobbled up like kids in a candy store. All the kids together. "Home teaching" on the big screen, Scriptures won 17-6! Go Bolts! Pride and Prejudice homework. More hugs and tearful goodbyes. We'll always have MySpace.
Airport and flight delays. D's leaves before me. He goes home. I go to Cleveland. Jane Austen book club? Alright already, how many signs do I need? Persuasion is next on my list.
Sleep on the bench in the airport. Bruise on my hip. Delays and fog, rain and ice. Tiniest plane ever invented. Have to stoop to walk down aisle. D would have to crawl. Grand Rapids with snow on the ground. Hotel and off to work. Complaints relived over and over and over and over and over. Stab me in the eye why don't ya?! No we are not Morgan Stanley!! Go back if you love it so much! Oh you got fired and you can't. Lucky we took you at all and you know it!
Deep breath. In<<<<<>>>>>>
Warm bubble bath and relaxation. Sleep beckons and dreams whisper my name.


2008 New Years Resolutions!

  1. Take the Stairs
  2. Let Go
  3. Waste Less
  4. Forgive More
  5. Learn How to Pay Attention

Let's review:

  1. Take the Stairs: I am a fairly stationary being the vast majority of my hours. I sit at work, I sit in the car, I sit at home, I'm sitting right now. I work on the 6th floor, that's 12 flights. I'll have to wear tennis shoes in the morning and put on my cute shoes once I get to my desk. Then I'll have my tennies to go for walks during lunch. Multi-purpose!
  2. Let Go: I have a tendancy to hold on to things; bitterness, anger, spite, wrongs and pains. They are poison in my veins. I am working on learning new skills on letting go and having the faith that they will be replaced by better things. We have a limited space inside us, what do we fill it with?
  3. Waste Less: I am wasteful. With food, time, money, energy, thoughts, emotions, attention and love. I will work on one thing at a time to try to be less wasteful. This is a lifelong effort, might as well start now.
  4. Forgive More: This mainly means myself, but all people in general and some close to me in specific. One of the main skills I'll use to Let Go is forgiveness. If I do not forgive myself or others, I hold onto that enmity, thus not letting go. The cycle continues. Learning the true meaning and purpose of forgiveness is my goal.
  5. Learn How to Pay Attention: To myself; my body, my mind and heart; To my husband and marriage; To my work and responsibilities; To my home and future goals; Most importantly - Pay Attention to the moment right now. I can do nothing for the past and the future may not come, I have only this moment to live.