I count.
Steps. Pencils. Rings. Drops. Ticking. Skittles.
Wonder why?

Once Upon a Time...

...A little girl actually had time to update her blog. But now that all her time is spent enjoying life she has to make sporadic updates like this:

  • Serious countdown to my vacation, 2 more days!!
  • Need to get my carpet cleaned
  • Learning to like more fried food. Welcome to the South. Fried pickles and green tomatoes seem to be in my future.
  • I have bought 5 new pairs of jeans in the past week, all very long. I spent $35 total. Sweet.
  • Think I might become a biker chick.
  • Lincolnton, NC is a pretty cute little town. I could live there, on a few acres near the river...
  • J. is everything I've ever wanted and didn't know I could ask for.
  • I love being in love.
  • I have a single carry-on bag packed for 2 vacations totalling 17 days. And my cowboy boots are inside! Go me!
  • Disneyland on my birthday!
  • I need a tan.
  • The humidity cometh.
  • Need to spend more time reading my Scriptures.
  • Sushi tomorrow with Miss S.
  • Got my butt kicked at pool, 3 times in a row. I should take up bowling. Or archery.
  • Don't forget my toothpaste!
  • Double-check for Denver forecast.
  • Hey Mom, never did get that email. Love you!
  • Shell, can I sleep on your couch at least one night?
  • I'll tell Mickey you all say Hi!

Darth Gardner

This topiary is now the ultimate power in the universe!