My husband asked me if anyone else reads this stuff. I'm not that popular.

Thin Mints!!

This is what I saw sitting on my desk when I came into work today. Three boxes. What a glorious way to start your day! Thank God for Girl Scouts!!



Quote for the Day

Every post is honorable

in which a man can

serve his country.

-George Washington

letter to Benedict Arnold

Sept. 14, 1775

Good Day

Someone just told me,
"You rock like Elvis!"
Today is a good day.


One Time...

One time I let my sister leave on a date with her ultra long hair tucked into the back of her pants.

One time I jumped off a roof into a snow drift, and it wasn't a big jump.

One time the neighborhood fat kid got stuck in a snow drift and we all ran.

One time I said "Gramma, Watch!" then dove head first into a desk and got 16 stiches.

One time my boy hamster snuck into my girl hamsters cage and I got blamed when she had babies.

One time my best friend got more Christmas presents under my tree than I did.

One time I made out with a boy in the boy's locker room.

One time I left my car in neutral and it rolled down a hill into a ditch and hit a tree.

One time I walked out of class in protest of the First Gulf War.

One time I was able to tell my mom that she did a good job at raising me.

One time I told a Boy Scout that Crisco was just like icing and he ate a whole spoonful.

One time I got it on at the San Onofre viewpoint.

One time I jumped off the top of a 3 story yacht into Avalon Bay in Catalina.

One time I let a guy pick me up with the line "What?"

One time my sister and I had a funeral for bugs we killed.

One time I told someone I was sorry for trying to get in a fight with them in high school.

One time I had 8 in a row!

One time I was going to get a job at a strip club but walked out because I decided that I was worth more.

One time I found my best friend on MySpace.

One time my brother didn't know how old I was and he said "7 or 14". I was 12.

One time I had a begnin fibroid adenoma removed from my right breast and I've done the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer ever since.

Soup and Yogurt

Because I have 29 things pending on my desk and I have no desire to do any of them, I'm going to tell you about my unsatisfying lunch today. (yes I know you shouldn't start a sentence with 'because', but this is my blog, not yours!) Today for lunch I am having chicken noodle soup out of a can and strawberry yogurt. These are not the items I want to eat for lunch. Not at all. My attempt to improve the store-brand soup by adding crushed up saltine crackers accomplished two things; the soup is thicker and not so soupy and I got out a hobbit sized bit of aggression by smashing the crackers in their wrapper. (although knowing how aggressive the Fellowship hobbits got doesn't really correlate the analogy, but only LOTR nerds like me would think that.)
I would much rather have Rubios' fish tacos and some beer battered onion rings instead of my crackery soup and yogurt. Filet Mignon is also a nice option, considering that Donovan's is just down the street and open for lunch. Not that filet for lunch is not really in my price range, but hey, life is short! Looking forward, things that will be in my price range will increase dramatically after the move to Charlotte, because of the huge cost of living difference. Filet for lunch may be a real possibility.
I wonder what good steak houses Charlotte offers? Finding my way around town will be intersting and scary. I KNOW I will get lost on a regular basis. West will no longer point to the ocean. That's gonna mess me up somethin' good. Usually West is the only direction I can find. hmm.
Done with my crackery soup, on to my delicious dessert of sumptuous strawberry yogurt......................I thought if I made it sound like it tastes good I might want it more. I was wrong. Where's a chocolate lava cake when you need one?!


Quote for the Day

To love and be loved
is to feel the sun
from both sides

-David L. Viscott, MD.


Towel Dog

Valentines Day

I love you
yadda yadda yadda
flowers and candy
blah blah blah
cupid, etc, etc....
A cadre of women are standing outside my office, eating cupcakes and discussing their Valentine's plans, checking out each others nails and extolling the benefits of quickly unwrinkling their clothes in the dryer. A male coworker attempts to make his way through the gaggling mob to the printer and is assailed with paparazzi like questions of "What are you doing for Valentine's Day? What did you get your wife? Are you taking her out tonite? Did you send her flowers?" The sweat starts to bead on his forehead as he stutters his answers affirmatively and runs for his life with his hard won document. Each woman, in turn, spouts how much work they have to do and, with an air of vindicated important-ness, flaunts off to their appointed corners.


Same Same

While cleaning out the garage,
my hubby found this picture of me from High School.
I still look the same.
I even weigh the same.
I am curvier now, so my husband says.
What do you think?