Phantom of the Opera

Saturday night J. and I had an amazing evening. Dinner Uptown at the romantic Monticello restaurant, then he took me to see Phantom of the Opera. I have been dying to see this show for many years. I had even once planned a trip to NYC to see it on Broadway. Now, I'm glad I didn't go. It was such a special night to spend with J. We had great conversation and enjoyed all the people watching. The show was astounding! What a wonderful experience it was to get all dressed up, spend the evening Uptown and see the longest running Broadway play.

J. especially liked the mechanics of the set and stage. How quickly they were able to change from one scene to another, smooth and unnoticable. The music was hypnotic and drew you in. There were laughs and thrills, excitement and sorrow. The story of the phantom still haunts me. How many of us wear a mask to hide our true selves? With J. I am finally removing my mask and revealing who I really am.



What is a soulmate? It is someone you can't live without? Someone you can completely be yourself with, with no fears or repercussions. That one person in all the world who was made just for you. When you can look back on your life and see how every step, every experience, every person has led you to this one. One out of billions, who knows you before you've actually met. The one who speaks your thoughts before you put them into words. Who sees the world through your eyes and understands you when you are confused in yourself. That certain individual who makes you feel completely at ease even with your most intimate thoughts, dreams and desires. When there is never a moment of shame or fear. That safety net and protection from the ills of the world. Those arms that offer comfort like you have never experienced before. The scent that drives your senses wild. The touch that speaks to your soul. The laughter that lightens the darkest night. The bond of friendship that grows stronger with each passing day. Looking forward to an entire life of love and companionship, joy and growth. What an amazing blessing and gift, to find my soulmate.


Song for the Day

-Depeche Mode
I want somebody to share
Share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts
Know my intimate details
Someone who'll stand by my side
And give me support
And in return
He'll get me support
He will listen to me
When I want to speak
About the world we live in
And life in general
Though my views may be wrong
They may even be perverted
He'll hear me out
And wont easily be converted
To my way of thinking
In fact he'll often disagree
But at the end of it all
He will understand me
I want somebody who cares
For me passionately
With every thought and
With every breath
Someone who'll help me see things
In a different light
All the things I detest
I will almost like
I dont want to be tied
To anyones strings
I've carefully trying to steer clear
Of those things
But when I'm asleep
I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me
And kiss me tenderly