New Car!!!

Here is a pic of my new car! 2008 Mazda3 Hatchback. I love it!!! It has all the fancy bells and whistles I wanted and still got a really good deal on it. Yay for me!

And Only 2 Were Standing

So I have whittled my new car choices down to two options: the Subaru Outback Sport or the Mazda3 Hatchback. Both look very similar and have the features I want. I am still deciding between automatic or manual transmission. I like both for different reasons.

I am also deciding if I should buy before the WDW world trip next week and drive the new car to Florida, or wait until month/year end to see what kind of deal I can get. I'll let you all know when the time comes.

Decisions, decisions.


It's Officially the Christmas Season

How do I know? Because I have my winter sickness. I always get sick in the winter, right after Thanksgiving. It seems to be a pattern that I can trace back for a few years now. Unfortunately so much is happening during this time of year that it's hard for me to just stay home and rest as I should. I have so much to do, and the year is quickly slipping away in which to do it all. Here's a quick list of my To-Do's before this year end:
  • Complete Christmas Shopping
  • Prepare and send Christmas presents
  • Learn to bake gingerbread cookies
  • Go to Walt Disney World for vacation!! (not such a burden, but still on my list)
  • Write Christmas cards and get addresses for people
  • Research new cars
  • Test drive new cars
  • Buy 1 new car
  • Sign up for January Art class at community college
  • Decorate my house as much as possible
  • Write New Year's Resolution's
  • Gather as many photos of family as possible
  • Scan hard copies of photos, and color-correct
  • Get Internet at home (I'm "borrowing" someone else's ;o)
  • Stop being sick
  • Figure out what I'm doing for Christmas day

See, that's a long list and doesn't even include everything. I really just want to crawl back into bed. Hhmmmmm...bed....that sounds too good to be true....