Emily's Salsa Recipe

I've had a number of people ask me for my salsa recipe so here it is. I would love to try some if you make your own batch.

Emily’s Salsa

· Tomatoes from the Farmers Market, on the ripe side (not grocery store as they are not ripe, but very acidic)
· Jalapeno’s: seeded for more mild, leave the seeds for hotter
· White onion
· Tomatillo’s
· Cilantro
· Lime juice
· Salt
· Pinch or two of sugar

Optional if finely chopped by hand, not in a food processor:
· Mango
· Cucumber
· Pineapple
· Peach
· Your favorite extra

1. Rough cut Onion, Tomatillos and Cilantro. Add all to food processor until onion is finely cut. You need to put the onion in with the cilantro as it will not cut by itself, just stick to the edges.
2. Rough chunk tomatoes, add to food processor and tap On button, do not put continually On or you will have tomato sauce.
3. Press down and roll lime on counter before cutting in half to release juices. Squeeze in lime juice to your preference. I usually use ½ a lime.
4. Add salt and sugar to your preference.
5. Test
6. Fix: If too hot, add splash of vinegar. If too mild, add Tabasco or similar hot sauce. I like the Japanese chicken sauce, it’s not called that but it has a chicken on the bottle and green top, so you know what I’m talking about.
7. Drain some water with flat spoon
8. Let sit overnight
9. Test again
10. Enjoy!

I try to drain as much water from the tomatoes as I can, then let everything sit overnight and meld. The next day I use a large, flat spoon to drain out more water if it’s too soupy. Both the onion and tomatoes have a high water content. I’ve also drained the water and used it to marinade steaks and chicken. That’s good too, if
you’re not a lettuce head. Good Luck and Good Eats!

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