Freewrite - Footnote

The array of books on the shelves left her wondering how so many ideas could fit into such a small place. She reached for a tattered copy of an old volume once used by her grandfather to put her to sleep on cold, stormy nights. Flipping though, she saw a handwritten footnote. A comment scrawled on the side of a torn page. "Sometimes He calms the storm. Sometimes He quiets the child and lets the storm rage." Her grandfather's handwriting stared back at her with such poignancy, her eyes pricked with tears too long held back. She didn't realize how much she missed him or what an effect those story filled nights had on her life. Here she sits, years later realizing that some of life's greatest lessons were taught to her as a small child, scared of the relenting rain and crashing thunder just outside her window. How could she ever thank him for taking the time to sooth her frayed nerves and shaking soul? What gift could she give him now? Pass on these words, these stories of adventure and patience to your own child. Teach him how peace can be found even in the most unruly of places. Let him know that he is never truly alone, if he simply seeks the Light. What better gift is there than that?

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